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Forever Paw Print In Stone


No matter the aged of your pet you can now immortalize their paw print forever in a beautiful piece of natural Australian sandstone.

Simply send us a photo of it or paw impression or a close up picture of your pets paw.  

We then deeply engrave the paw print onto the stone which provides an attractive ever-lasting physical bond between you and your pet. The stone is suitable for display in your home or outdoors. There is room to include your pets names, paw engraving and date/dates or small inscription along the bottom.


The Forever in Stone Paw Pet is a beautiful and memorable way to immortalise your pets paws at any age.

10% GST is added to your order on checkout

Prodcution is up to 21days, but well worth the wait time.

Please submit engraving here. Two lines in total 17 charactors per line

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