Making the last decision & funeral arrangements for your loved one can be very challenging. Your pet is so very important to you, if you would like to use our company for Cremation you may need to ask your clinic a few questions. 

One obvious question to ensure your loved one is coming to the correct facility is .. 

Do you use the original Pet Crematorium that has always been at Bobs Farm ?

If you find your clinic is not one of our trusted partners please take the attached form to the clinic when organising the cremation arrangements for your loved one.

This will help direct the clinic in relation to your specific requirements, chain of custody of your loved one, final requests and needs for your loved ones final resting place.

This is a decision for the family to make together, the last decision in the beautiful journey you have all had together.

If by chance you are unable to print out the attached form an old fashioned hand written letter specifying your requirements will also ensure your loved one arrives at our facility safely.

Please CONTACT US to let us know of your wishes & remember this form is ONLY necessary if you are using a clinic that is 

not one of our trusted partners. 

 Confirmation we have performed your cremation for you will be in the form of our company label on the base of the casket your loved one has been returned home in.

This is such a challenging time for you and your family, please know our thoughts are with you all.

We are here to help and support you in whatever way we can.

Mark, Di & Staff xxx