Pet Cremation: The Many Decisions You Must Make For Your Furrever Friend? 

With the loss of your pet coming up soon and or taking place today there are so many things you need to arrange and come to terms with. Having a pet with you for a short or a long period of time creates a connection that people who are not pet lovers never seem to understand.  Pet cremation has become a more accepted way of showing respect to your loved one by giving them a respectful farewell.  There are many decisions for you to make in a very short period.  Please listen to my video for some guidance at this challenging time.

Our Introduction & Guidance on Pet Cremation


Arranging the Pet Cremation

This is like going to be one of the most challenging times of your bond and relationship.  The end of a relationship needs to be done as calmly and softly as possible. So, arranging ahead of time is an option that if you have the strength to do is generally helpful as far as the healing process goes.  If you can call the crematorium and ask all the questions you need to so you feel at peace with the company, you have chosen and the options of how the final day will look like.  What special requirements you may want in place.  I will say it many times during this article, you need to speak with someone regarding your arrangements.  It is impossible to click a link here and there to organise something so personal.

Deciding on Euthanasia or Letting Nature Take Its Course

There is no possible way in which to guide clients with this decision.  This is such a personal decision for each of us to make with our very own belief system.  You need to do what is best for the loved one and you as their owner / carer are the best ones to make the decision.  You can see if they are suffering as you are with them most of the time.  A professional can guide you, but in your heart, you know when they have had enough.  It takes strength to euthanise someone you love.

What Type Of Company Do You Want to Use?

Many of our clients are looking for local pet cremation service, we have been servicing our local area as well as the Hunter Valley & Central Coast since 1985.  You may think it is too far for us to be of service for you, this is usually not the case.  We have had clients come to us as far away as Dubbo & we have travelled as far as Woy Woy for our clients.

You will be rest assured pet cremation services with us are completed by us an independent family owned and operated company.  Our facility is on our property where we live, so there is always someone with your loved one once they have passed. 

Visiting The Pet Cremation Company?

Many of our clients like to come directly to our pet cremation facility.  This way they can look at & get a feel for our full range of wooden pet cremation urns, pottery urns, scatter boxes, jewellery and so much more.   Sometimes these decisions are an integral part of the funeral arrangements for your furrever friend, this needs to be done in person.  A computer order just never matches up to or comes close to the personal touch.

Caskets, Which One Do I Pick?

One of the many decisions you need to address is the casket you would like your loved one to come home in.  What receptacle best depicts your loved one’s personality.  We have many types of caskets; wooden pet cremation boxes are one of our most popular.  It is a very personal decision to make, and it all really comes down to personal preference.

Please watch this video for more guidance

Which casket is the right one for my pet’s ashes?


What Does It Cost To Get A Pet Cremated (pet cremation pricing)?

When you are looking at pet cremation pricing it is all down to which casket you decide upon, whether you would like the pet’s ashes returned or if you would like to have their ashes in one of our beautiful urns.   These are all arrangements that need to be dealt with dignity and respect, so in most cases this is best done over the phone with a compassionate professional.  Each client is so very different, each client’s requirements for their pet’s cremation are all so different. As each of the pets themselves are. Individual costings are compiled at the time of the phone consultation and or through one of our trusted Vet Partners.

Can You Cremate My Lizard?

We not only cremate furrever friends we also cremate most pets that our clients have decided to call family.  Pet cremation is a very broad category so if you are thinking of having your loved one cremated give us a call and let us know whether we can be of service to you at this very challenging time.   Please watch this video to help with this topic.

Which Pets Do Your Cremate?

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