The Guilt of Euthanasia
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At some stage of your relationships with your loved ones there may come a time when you are approached by your vet to euthanise your pet. This is a very delicate area of discussion as some of our clients do not believe in euthanasia at all but the guilt of euthanasia is actually a thing.

This is a personal decision you yourself can only make, the following article is my observations on the subject. This article is very personal and I am hoping my sharing this information will help our clients in some small way

Kelly was the first pet as an adult that I had guilt of euthanasia, she had cancer that you could literally see eating her away kilo by kilo. She was a beautiful loyal and amazing family member. I was told by our Vet that she only had six weeks once the diagnosis was made. As many of our clients have shared with me, I too hand fed Kelly all the luxuries in life to help her have yet another day on earth and another day with us. I was also told on that very same day that I would know when it was time. I drove home that day with my gorgeous girl in the back of my car, thinking what an absolutely ludicrous comment from my vet. When is it a good day to take someone’s life?

I should have trusted his knowledge and experience, because that day did come. I took Kelly to the beach for a swim. She vomited in the car all the way home, the next day she collapsed. I sat with her and my son and had that talk that I am sure many of you have had. The talk of gratitude, for being there for me through so many challenges in my life.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned, the staff held Kelly as the procedure took place. Too firmly I thought at the time. My rational mind not realising these people trying to help me had probably been bitten by many a dog in the past. Kelly was such a soft soul she would never have done such a thing. I cried for months and months after her loss.

Had I done the right thing ?

Had I robbed her of another week ?

Could the procedure have been softer if I knew what I was in for ?

So many “what ifs”

Two years later my father passed of cancer. He was diagnosed and passed in 2 weeks. The Guilt of Euthanasia increased, I watched my father lie in a bed in a hospital dying slowly, without dignity with strangers prodding and poking him on a daily basis. At one stage a nurse gave him a morphine injection and my dad gestured with his hand for her to keep going. Even asking for help, it was ignored. He lingered here on the planet with us for longer than he should. Apparently we were being humane.

My conclusion since this day –

I have no guilt of euthanasia now when I choose euthanasia after what I saw my dad go through. I find it as one of the kindest gifts you can give another soul. They have given us so much love, loyalty and happiness. If we can give them the gift of a swift and peaceful passing, it is a minuscule gesture for all they have done for us

So when you are feeling low, or beat yourself up on what you have done. Please remember this story and realise you have given your adorable fur baby one of the most precious gifts on the planet

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Sending you all love and virtual hugs until next time   Di xx

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