Our Story

We are fondly known as
The “Bobs Farm” Pet Crematorium.

We are the original pet crematorium in our region and have
been serving the private pet cremation services in
Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Valley for over
36 years.

We provide a beautiful, serene environment for your loved one’s last moments. Being a private pet cremtion company we are also ensuring that our clients are treated with a
compassionate and caring service.

The crematorium is family owned and operated & specialises in
Private pet cremation

We know your loved one is a part of your family and
you would like them to go somewhere
safe with people you can trust. Our private pet cremation organisation will help you to keep your loved one close to you for ever.

Let us take care of your loved one for you.

Our Family, taking care of your family always Mark, Diane & Our Beautiful Staff

Our Introduction and Guidance for Pet Cremation

Appointments are necessary for all clients
This is to ensure privacy & time required for all clients to say good bye to their loved ones
.Being punctual is also a sign of compassion and respect on your behalf for the previous clients loss.
In Gratitude Mark, Diane & Staff