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Planning Ahead With Pet Cremation Helps More Than You Know 

Planning ahead with pet cremation & getting organised before the day can alleviate a lot of stress & anxiety for you and your family.
It can make the day run a little smoother & be a little softer on your heart.
Thinking ahead will help with the last moments, when you are with your Vet and they ask that last question.

What would you like to do with your loved one now?

Some of us, until that moment hadn’t given it a thought, not wanting to think that far ahead.
Never mind thinking of whether you would prefer Private Pet Cremation, Group Cremation or Burial of your loved one.
All of us are too busy trying to avoid that day for as long as possible.

Once your pet has passed away it is exactly the same as when your two legged family member passes away in the hospital.
It is now time for you to take the next step and consider which funeral home you would like to entrust your loved one to.
Making the last decision & funeral arrangements for your loved one can be very challenging. Your pet is so very important to you. It is very important your wishes are adhered to, if you would like to use our company for Cremation you may need to ask your clinic a few questions.

One obvious question to ensure your loved one is coming to the correct facility is

I would like to use the Pet Crematorium at Bobs Farm ? How do I organise that with you?

If you find your clinic is not one of our trusted partners please take the attached form to the clinic when organising the private cremation arrangements for your loved one.

This will help direct the clinic in relation to your specific requirements, chain of custody of your loved one, final requests and needs for your loved ones final resting place.

This is a decision for the family to make together, the last decision in the beautiful journey you have all had together.

If by chance you are unable to print out the attached form an old fashioned hand written letter specifying your requirements will also ensure your loved one arrives at our facility safely.

Please CONTACT US to let us know of your wishes & remember this form is only necessary if you are using a clinic that is

not one of our trusted partners.

Confirmation we have performed your cremation for you will be in the form of our cremation certificate which is returned with your pet’s ashes.

Do take some time and think about planning ahead with pet cremation, we have had a lot of feed back from clients saying it helped on the day. It took one more thing away that they didn’t have to think about.

This is such a challenging time for you and your family, please know our thoughts are with you all.

Payment Plans 

We have access to the Afterpay service and also the Pay in 4 service. If you would like to plan ahead by organising the funeral arrangements paid for in advance, simply contact our office and we can arrange this for you.

FREE CREMATIONS For Seeing Eye Dogs 

 10% DISCOUNTS – Current Pensioners with a valid Pensioner Card 

We are here to help and support you in whatever way we can. Please be aware our facility only offers Private Cremation services

Mark, Di & Staff xxx
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