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Pet Cremation Arrangements

Your Next Steps

 Every pet is an individual as they have been their whole life  & as such they require 

love & attention for their final pet cremation arrangements 

       Your Next Steps 

  1. Decide what you would like to do with your pets ashes long term.
  2. Choose a casket that suits your needs
  3. If are unable to find the right urn for your loved one in our standard range visit our Web-Store for the Exclusive Urns for more choices.
  4. Think of wording you would like to place on th plaque, this is very personal & may take a while.
  5. Decide if you would you like a complimentary Paw Print & Fur memento of your loved one?
  6. Decide if you would like a Paw Mould memento of your loved one?
  7. Do you want any kind of Jewellery or Keepsake Urns for your loved one? (These are nice gifts for other members of the family or that someone special who has also had a relationship with your loved one)
  8. Take the final step & CALL US or send us an EMAIL with your requirements & phone number and we will contact you directly Or book directly with our ONLINE BOOKING PORTAL

It is so very important you don’t rush yourself,  taking a moment to organise everything will

help make your forever memory of this moment a little softer.

Ponder the questions you might want to discuss with the family before reaching out to us for help.

Grab yourself a cuppa and work your way through them slowly.

Then give us a call, so we can guide and assist you

 Di xx


We take looking after your loved one very seriously. We know you are only going to go through this experience once with this pet, it is our intention to take care of you at this very challenging time.

If are you looking for the personal touch & prefer your loved one remain in the region, please call us today to organise all of your pet cremation arrangements for your fur baby. 

PH: 49826395 

 or Email us your information so we can call you 



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