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Loved Ones Remembered

This page is gradually being converted over to our new Facebook page, to allow clients a dedicated site to remember their loved ones. We also add further information on the grieving process here, hopefully to help you through… We have been responsible for cremations for cats, dogs and tiny little family members. All are so important to each individual and a memorial is just one way of showing the connection and love for the loved one

If you would like a memorial of your loved one placed on our page please send through a photo , a few words of love and your authorisation to

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12/1/2000 – 26/7/2013 (13yrs)

For the last 13 1/2 years you were there. There for a play, there for a hug, there for a pat and just there all the time. You were there when we brought our children home and protected them every day. We are lost and the kids miss you so much. We can’t hear your footsteps on the deck anymore but know you are in a better place. You were loved and beautifully natured and we’ll never find another like you. Always in our hearts xxx


I want so much to believe that you are waiting for me, wherever you have gone. You meant more to me than either of us knew.

Your selflessness, zest for life (and chocolate), your wagging tail and welcoming grin,

even when you were in pain.

You were braver than many adults will ever be. Everything about you my darling baby girl, you are sorely missed by many.

You will always be my best friend and I love you.


My big boy Toby

Toby, you lit up our world for 21 beautiful years. Every day saying ‘arow’ to everyone or getting up to mischief eating peoples underwear and socks off the clothesline.My four kids grew up with you and classed you as a brother, using you as a pillow for naps or a tackling buddy which you loved. You are with Tikaani now, your gorgeous partner who we both miss very much.We are going to miss you every second of every day big fella. I will miss your cuddles.Noone can ever replace you my beautiful wolf, my bestest friend, my gentle giant.

Bailey – “Our Darling Boy”

The day we found you it was more like the other way around – your big eyes looked at us and before you knew it, you were in the car that you loved so much in your mum’s arms on the way home. Everyone who met you absolutely adored you and you filled our lives with joy every single minute. Even those who only met you through pictures and stories loved you more than you would know. We miss your bossy attitude – as playful as it was. You were not big on obedience but rather “free spirited” with a heart of gold. We miss that loving heart, your tenderness and company. We just miss everything that is Bailey. We know we gave you the best life we could and you repaid us with your love and loyalty that only you could bring. You were taken from us without warning, we don’t understand why but we believe you went to sleep and onto Puppy Heaven. We are grateful that you did not suffer any pain and that you were boisterous, happy and larger than life right up until when you went to sleep. Thank you for being such a big part of our lives, it was truly our privilege and we know we will see you again. Love Mum and Dad xxx


To our precious boy Ryder thank you for choosing us to be your family you brought us so much love and happiness. We miss you waiting for us to come home, opening up our doors at night to check up on us, and just your presence at home. It feels so empty without you, but you are now looking at us from above and protecting us like you always do. You where our baby. Always know that we are thinking of you every second of the day. This is not goodbye this is see you soon. We love you Ryder and we miss you so much xxxxx

If you would like a memorial of your loved one placed here please send through a photo, a few words of love & your authorisation to

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