My Term For Loss – Foggy Brain Syndrome

As people who love our pets it is inevitable that we find loss so hard to deal with.

We blame ourselves for so many things. Situations turning out differently than the way we thought, the visions in our eyes are always softer than the reality of what happens to some of us.

We lost our gorgeous cat, Oscar to savage and mysterious means. To me it was one of the most distressing days of my life. Who could do such a thing and why hurt our poor, beautiful Oscar. What sort of a human behaves in such a manner with total disregard to another beautiful soul.

I found myself lost in grief and worst of all I turned on myself. It is so challenging seeing something pointless, happening for no reason whatsoever, so as normal I blamed myself. I have resided myself to know we will never have a cat whilst we live here, they simply would not be safe.

After years of thought and reflection I am unable to fix or return to the time to try and make what happened avoidable. It is just wishful thinking, it was years of torture with little or no resolve.

So thinking about our clients all I wish for you is that you do not turn on yourself for whatever reason. There are so many tragedies that happen every single day in our lives we have little or no control over. We see beautiful puppies, cruelty, accidents. old age & disease.

The most beautiful gift you can give the one you loved is to think of them with joy in your heart & know that accidents happen, cruel people exist, Vets misdiagnose & disease chooses at random.

These are all challenges we face. Spending time stuck in the grief is only to detriment to our own health. Our own mental well being is at risk. Find the strength within you as soon as you can, this will help you over the length of your life. Remember your loved one with joy in your heart.

As always I send you all love, strength & precious memories

Di xxx

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