Our Very First Blog Entry – Our Introduction

Mark & I took over the Bobs Farm Pet Crematorium in late 2004, after 20 years of tender care from the Smith Family, the original founding family.

After over 16 years in the Pet Cremation industry it has become obvious to me that our clients have needed more than the cremation from our service.

Over the years, with that thought in mind, I have added resources to our site, we have our online support group, a regular group get together, articles and other peoples thoughts on the process.

Each day even with all of these resources I feel I come across another situation that needs just that extra bit of love and care.

My experience with grief is two fold, people & pets. I have experienced it first hand in what could only be described as a “crash course” We lost 4 family members, our gorgeous Kelly (our dog) and mischievous little Milly (our cat) in a six year period, more have been added over the years since that time, but the crash course was quite a blow.

Speaking so publicly is a bit daunting, my initial trepidation was my lack of formal education in the ‘therapy” industry but then decided 16 years hands on experience with our clients, along with my own personal journey would most likely equate to several degrees.

So here I go, I am here to assist you all and with hope the words that follow will help give you the tools you need to get the strength to move on from your grief and take on the world with the joy and zealous our fur babies do on a daily basis.

Sending you all love and virtual hugs until next time Di xx

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