Why Does It Hurt So Much

Clients are sometimes quite taken aback by the initial pain they are feeling with the loss of their loved one. They are perplexed as to the enormity of the loss. We have had clients say to us on many an occasion “this hurts more than it did when my Mum passed away”

So why does it hurt so much?

It is all about the relationship you have with your loved one. If your relationship with you dog or cat is better than the one you have with your Mum or other relative, the grief will dig deeper into your soul.

Just take a moment and think about the time you spend with your pet. Who else do you see that frequently? I am not sure about my readers but I see my dogs (we don’t currently have a cat) every day. We live on the same premises as our business so as I write this I have a boxer x on one side and a schnauzer x on the other.

This morning when I woke up Phoebe (schnauzer x) was happier than normal, which I must say is hard to beat. She ran around the room, licked me and looked me in the eyes with love and devotion. Lilly was a bit slower (older) but still quite happy to see me appear from the bedroom. The only thing I had to do to receive that amount of adoration was, simply wake up.

Who treats you this way, every single day of the relationship. Without fail they come and greet you with joy, love and devotion.

So having someone like this in your life is without a doubt going to knock the wind out of your sails when they pass away. No questions asked.

So it is completely normal to feel a huge hole in the pit of your stomach. It is not an over reaction it is simply, LOVE 💖

Sending you all love and virtual hugs until next time Di xx

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