The Bobs Farm Crematorium

We came from very humble beginnings.  In 1985 it was made evident that there was a need for a respectful way of saying goodbye to the loving pets of our region Because of this need the Bobs Farm Crematorium was born.

Our company introduced the concept of pet cremation and taking care of our clients to our region.

We maintain the highest standard throughout our facility & within the industry.
We will always maintain the smaller independent crematorium environment that brings comfort & confidence to our clients.

Our crematorium has been serving clients since 1985, during our decades of service to our community we have had the opportunity to learn so much from them.

They have helped us learn what is needed to provide excellent service

Having experienced so many highs and lows with our clients, we have created a very special bond with many families.

They return to us generation after generation, sharing their loved one’s history and life stories with usTeh 

Whilst in our care, your loved one is always our highest priority & will go through a 10 step documented process from our initial phone call right up to their safe return home to you or your clinic of choice.

Your pets have their very own Private Cremation with us and then their ashes are returned to you in a Casket or Urn of your choice along with a certificate of cremation and poem. Or if you prefer to have your loved one remain with us, their ashes will be scattered with us on our acreage out at 
The Farm.

Please spend some time on our site, we have an abundance of information that may assist you. Our Grief Info & Support tab is here to assist.

We are here now and always as a kind ear and a soft place for you to land during your challenging time. If you decide to entrust your loved one into our care please complete the Authorisation Form 
(if you are  not using one of our trusted partners)
Our Family, taking care of your family always

Mark, Di & our beautiful Staff xx

Thank you for supporting an Australian owned and operated business

The original Bobs Farm Crematorium